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HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH ADULT TRAFFIC -- Step by Step Guidelines 2018 (Updated)

HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WITH ADULT TRAFFIC -- Step by Step Guidelines 2018 (Updated)

It seems like wherever you go on the web, one thing is for sure: you’re destined to stumble across an ad telling you how easy it is to make money online. We know that you have the good common sense to know that some things in life really are too good to be true, and that these ads are often misleading and/or deceitful. Most of these ads are trying to sell you something you don’t need, with information you probably shouldn’t be paying for to begin with. However, if you wound up here, it means that you’re probably really interested in earning money online, and more importantly, you’re probably serious about learning. Well, we’ve got some good news for you: we’re going to cover the basics and outline how to get started getting that bread and butter— free of charge of course, because we believe you deserve an honest overview on just how “online earning” really woraks.


First things first. If you want to make money with online advertising, you need to understand how affiliate marketing really works. As you probably already know, web marketing consists of displaying a product or service to influence web users. Well, affiliate marketing was built on this same principle with one important twist: it’s based on conversion performance. In other words, it means that you only get paid when a visitor completes a desired action (i.e., registers on a site, pays for something, etc.) and that’s what is called a conversion. Desired goals may vary, but the most common is to convert a web visitor into a paying customer. The entity paying the affiliate for each conversion is the provider of an offer (also known as the sponsor). It’s a company that has something to sell and needs someone to promote it. Sponsors typically deal with affiliates through an affiliation program which allows would-be affiliates to advertise their offers for a commission in return. This commission may be paid per click, per action (lead), per sale, or even revshare – which is a percentage of revenue paid. Therefore, affiliates are professional web marketers who promote sponsor’s offers on the web through ads or links and get paid for each achieved goal (conversion). Here’s a little diagram that illustrates affiliate marketing:


Monetizing traffic means generating conversions from web visitors. In other words, it means earning money from them. Monetize your own traffic When we say “Monetize your own traffic,” we mean build your own website, attract some viewers to it (that’ll be the traffic), and then display some ads on your pages (that’s how you monetize). If you’re a total noob when it comes to building a website, there’s nothing more perfect for you than a Content Management System. The long name might make it sound complicated, but it’s not. Content Management Systems (CMS), such as WordPress, are the ideal choice for people with little or no site-building experience. WordPress is a CMS that will help you build and run an efficient site like a pro. CMSs are all-in one solutions and are all the rage these days as they help you publish content regularly and allow you to modify that content with ease, without the need for much technical knowledge. Here’s a few articles that will help you get to this point: Developing your own website — The Why and How (part 1) Developing your own website — Why and How (part 2) Developing your own website — Why and How (part 3) Once your website is built, you’ll still need to attract some visitors. Getting traffic to your newfound site is sometimes the tricky part for many people. There are countless ways to obtain traffic, though. Some common methods involve: SEO – Stands for Search Engine Optimization. Social Media – Get traffic from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, etc. Browser advertising such as Google adwords. And so on… Buy ad spots – Media Buying Another way to make money with affiliate marketing is to buy ad spots on other websites that already have existing traffic relevant to your interests (i.e., adult traffic). This is called Media Buying. With Media Buying, the burden of finding traffic is not on you; instead, the owner of the site you’re buying ad space from already has the traffic. However, it’s important to note that successful Media Buyers are not born overnight. To reach a level of Media Buying “greatness” – you really need to know what you’re doing, be good at crunching numbers, be good with campaigns, and most importantly know that it can take years of practice, experience and trial and error before you see profitable campaigns. So, if you’re a true beginner in every sense of the word, we strongly suggest beginning by creating your own website first—rather than attempting more advanced methods of traffic generation. These other methods we just touched on will come later. Although, if you do have some money to invest and you like taking risks, here’s a few articles that should help you understand ALL about Media Buying: All about Media Buying Part 1 – Playing with Traffic All about Media Buying Part 2 – Traffic Monetization All about Media Buying Part 3 – Profit calculation


Simply because it is still one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Even if the amount of online sales in other markets increased each year, the adult market would still surpass it by leaps and bounds. Not everyone buys their groceries or milk online, but you can bet everybody does look for porn online: 13% of ALL web searches are for erotic content (corroborated by Forbes). Are you one of those people who believe no one pays for porn anymore because of the abundance of free porn out there? If so, prepare yourself … your world is about to be blown! Believe it or not, 69% of all pay-per-view content is adult related. We like to think of the Internet as one humongous shopping center. Before the Internet’s arrival, things were so bad.. people actually had to pay for porn before they knew whether it was good porn or not. Yeah, we know… Awful times. Now everyone has access to this ‘shopping center’ and there’s free samples galore. But now, you already know what you like. There’s an abundance of free content, yes, but there’s also content you can’t get for free. And that’s not even including cam sites and the “girlfriend experience,” or private amateur sites that cater to a specific niche. But at the same time, we know there’s going to be a lot of non-payers. If the Internet’s like one big shopping mall, you have to realize that there’s going to be a lot of foot traffic … people entering, looking around, and not buying anything. This shouldn’t be viewed negatively— MORE people just means more opportunities for sales. You just have to find the right ad, and the most appealing offer. When you accomplish that, making money is easy!

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